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Corporate Networking with Printing Products

It’s the start of a New Year, and a promising environment to reach out to your customers.Well, as a clever marketer you appreciate the potential to promote your brand, products and services at this time.Indeed, a study by Business Insider shows that small businesses can increase their sales by over 55% during this period of year, but only with the right marketing tools.
Print Products for Ultimate Marketing
The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) says that printing accounts for over 60% of advertising for the Fortune 100 Businesses in the country. You can leverage services of Alberta Printing Co Ltd for your printing product needs in Calgary and promote your business.
There are a myriad of print tools to choose from including:
• Winter Jackets, Hoodies, Ball Caps and Toques with your brand and logo embossed.
• Flyers with product and service information
• Printed coffee mugs.
• Business cards.
There are other printed product offers to help you promote your business with Alberta Printing Co. Ltd. The idea is to ramp up marketing in the new year, while still appreciating customers for sticking with your brand. These products can be sent directly to customers or placed strategically in your premises for visiting clients to pick up.
The beauty of using products that are printed in Calgary is the fact that you can customize the item you want to fully capture your company’s personality. From high quality color themes to shapes and logos, you have the leeway to design a promotional product that fully resonates with your customers.
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