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Top Networking Tips Using Business Cards

Business Cards still remain one of the most affordable marketing tools for business owners. In fact, they are also used by job seekers, contractors and other professionals who want to increase their visibility and market their brand. If you are looking for a viable networking technique today, a card with all your details is the easiest way to get noticed. Regardless of how extensive your digital marketing platform is, you still need it to reach more people.

While digital marketing is now prominent, a card is still crucial especially when you are looking for new opportunities. Here are some tips on how to create an extensive network using these cards:

1. Always have your card with you: Whether you are looking for a job or you are traveling for a business meeting, make sure you have several with you. Every time you meet new acquaintances, it is an opportunity to give out your card and increase your network.
2. Business card etiquette: It is important to learn how to give out your cards. While you should take every opportunity to hand out your cards, make sure you also request for the other person’s card. You should also show genuine interest in the other person’s details and if possible make sure you add more details on their card for easier follow-up.
3. Be generous: Business Cards are affordable and you should never be stingy in handing them out. If a person asks for another card, just give it out even if you only have a few left. You could be missing out on great opportunities just by hesitating to give an extra one.
4. Referrals: Whether you are looking for a job or you are advertising your services, make sure you seek referrals when giving out your card. People are more comfortable when you don’t put them on the spot. You can effectively disarm the person receiving it by asking them if they know anyone who is hiring or someone who might need your services.
5. Get a creative tagline: It must tell the recipient why they would need your services. Are you experienced or are your qualifications unique? Does your company offer something different? All these considerations come in handy when creating your marketing slogan.
6. Be at the right place at the right time: If you are looking for new business opportunities in a new city, make sure you attend all events related to your industry.

If you don’t have a business card yet, it is time to get a qualified printing designer to make one for you. It is one of the easiest tools to use in building a network.