Alberta Printing

digital printing

The growth of digital printing technology has brought exciting new features and on-demand turn-around solutions to commercial printing.

High on the list of advantages is the ability to accommodate short-run orders cost effectively. A close second on this list is the reliable consistency in print quality that digital print offers. Even if you contact us weeks or months later for reprint of an order, the color balance and sharpness will be the same as it was on the original run.

If you need assistance with set-up for manuals or booklets, we can take your digital file and convert it to print in the format you require. We also provide a full slate of collating, binding and finishing services to ensure your project is delivered complete and ready for distribution.

Variable data printing is another great advantage that digital print offers. Variable printing is valuable for direct marketing and development of relationships with groups such as customers, members, employees or sales distributors.

With our state-of-the-art variable data printing (VDP) technology, we can use your customer mailing list or customized client database to produce letters, invoices, full-color postcards, etc., that are personalized to each individual recipient to help you realize improved customer response and retention. VDP allows us to automatically change the text, graphics and address from one piece to the next at full printing speed; the process is both fast and cost-effective.

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