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Choosing the Right Corporate Promotional Products: Factors to Consider

Choosing the Right Corporate Promotional Products: Factors to Consider

Is it time to fire up your creativity and boost your outreach? Whether you are reaching out to employees or clients, there are a few things to factor into your winning equation when deciding what corporate promotional products to distribute and why. What will it take to inspire, build bonds and improve morale and motivation? Get in touch with Alberta Printing to learn more!

Adding in the Demographic

When considering corporate promotional products as gifts, who you are gifting plays a pivotal role in determining what you are presenting.  A few things to consider when providing thoughtful gifts to customers or team members are:

  • What age range do you want to reach? What age group fits into your outreach?
  • What are the general interests of the age group?
  • How likely are they to use and reuse the gift you've given them?
  • What would please their aesthetic tastes?
  • Where would the gift be used?
  • When would be the best time to distribute corporate promotional products?

Answering these questions can help you narrow your choices and improve your likelihood of presenting a product that customers/employees will treasure and see the thought behind it. If you take the time and effort to show your appreciation for loyalty, you'll encourage generations to see the value in what your company offers!

Interesting Factors for Favourable Response

When giving valuable products, creating connections is a definite perk! How you can tie your quality products/services to a gift that improves the life of an employee or client can serve you and them well. Corporate promotional products are a complimentary reminder of how you value others and what you offer to others. Here are some demographic types that may be a helpful guide to knowing what type of gifts are appropriate and appreciated:

  1. The Exerciser- For those who love to work out, the gym or outdoor trails are their second home. What do they take with them? Water bottles, headbands, wristbands, lanyards, and more! And all of them have excellent label potential! 
  2. The Consummate Professional- Those constantly traveling for early or late-night seminars, product shows, and business deals can appreciate simple elegance and efficient easy-to-grab items. Think of non-spill drink options for coffee runs, classy writing utensils, and paper that sport bold logos with a modern flair. 
  3. The Creative Mind- Musical-minded, artistic individuals gravitate toward bold colors, sound gear, and apparel that starts (or ends) conversations. From apparel to wear to concerts to speakers that bring that brassy sound, with a demographic like this, your brand's voice can speak volumes to loyal consumers and employees. 
  4. The Taste Tester- It's always a good time to snack with the foodie aficionado clientele. From gourmet treats with brand logos attractively placed just so (because presentation matters) to kitchen drink ware that they'll take with them on their tasting travels, every label is with a spot to land and add some decadent flavor to any custom promotional product! 

How well can you read your audience? What will speak to them in ways that words of affirmation never could? With quality corporate promotional products, you can connect in various ingenious ways that celebrate their individuality and remind them why they love your business! 

Corporate Promotional Product Pros!

Customers and employees should feel appreciated and treasured when they factor in how much you value their partnership. How do you create a lasting impression? You take an interest in what interests them and celebrate their triumphs in tangible and long-lasting ways. Positive results will soon multiply when you partner with us to bring some appreciation into the business/buyer relationship! Get in touch with Alberta Printing for a consultation on corporate promotional products and express your gratitude thoughtfully!