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How to Choose the Right Custom Promotional Gifts for Your Target Audience

How to Choose the Right Custom Promotional Gifts for Your Target Audience

Gift-giving helps companies establish long-term connections with their target audience. How can a company that enjoys offering quality services and the people who benefit from them, gain knowledge from each other? Custom promotional gifts, when centered on the needs/desires of the audience and the company, will score high marks every time. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the myriad of custom promotional gifts we offer.

Identifying Market Central

What demographic does your products/services appeal to most? You probably already know the type of audience you have in mind. But if you haven't focused in on the size or scope of the audience you're services attract, here are a few simple ways to determine what your audience looks like:

  1. Check your social media reach. Who is clicking on your links most? Who has commented or even promoted your company services or your competition's? 
  2. Recognize who isn't in your target's range. If you do this, you can save time and money knowing how to affix your attention on the people most likely to appreciate what you offer. 
  3. Ask questions to the customers you already have. 

Being Nosy with Good Intentions

Inquiries through the latest technology can actually point you to the right target. If your customers respond through email, your company may appeal to an older demographic. If you find text deals/promos successful you might have middle-aged/younger clients. For those who strictly use social media avenues that are short and to the point, the audience may be young adults. what specific media app do they use the most? Answering that specific questions can further narrow down and solidify where the heart of your audience lies. Here are a few questions to ask consumers in whatever avenue you use! 

  • What do they like most? 
  • What age group do they fit in? 
  • What are their likes/dislikes? 
  • What are they searching for? 

A simple questionnaire (with coupons/discounts incentives if needed) is a great way to help you gain insight on your target audience! (It also can help you brainstorm future new services and products to offer!)

The Best Presents are Budget-Friendly and Need-Based

If you've affixed your eyes on the target, you are closer to finding ideal gifts for your potential audience. But what custom promotional gifts appeal in that specific client base? First, remember that no matter what gifts you select, brand recognition is pivotal. Ensure that the custom promotional gifts you send or give away have a place for your brand front and center! Your brand should be easily distinguishable from other brands in similar industry categories. Find gifts that:

  • Boldly display your brand while ensuring the size of brand complements the gift you invest in. 
  • Appeal because they are both multi-functional and attractive. If your audience is in to bright and colourful, the gift should reflect that. If your audience prefers a more understated look, go for gifts that display that. 
  • Check the right boxes in your budget model. Especially for new businesses, your marketing budget can quickly eat away at your profits. Simple custom promotional gifts, used in many crossover settings, can make a statement without eating away at your bank statement!

Staying On Target with Your Audience

Social media is a marketing wonder. By frequenting multiple social apps, you can find out what appeals to many demographics. "What's Trending" is a real thing! After you've discovered what gifts such as: office supplies, totes, purses, calendars, magnets, clothing items, bumper stickers, drink holders (mugs, thermoses, glasses and more) your audience approves, contact, Alberta Printing, your trusted custom promotional gifts retailer! You'll soon discover how far a little appreciation can go, especially when quality products are the on the gift list. Call us today!